At 2009 Grove Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration, even Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up.

Left to right, Stephanie  Rondeau my script sup. my self and my favorit A/D, Karin Seibold, at 2009 Christmas tree lighting celebration at the Grove in Los Angeles.


           during filming of a documentary in FIJI in 2005


            during filming of a travel show in FIJI in 2006


           Mark and wife Chris during filming of a travel show


                     Mark at the switcher for Kellogg’s shoot


             during an award show behind a long lens


  Mark & Wife Chris right before a concert at Gibson Theater


             deep inside the jungles of Philippines in 2005

          filming a father taking his daughter to school with a water buffalo in Philippines


during filming of “Operation My Space” a live HD broadcast from Kuwait

         Mark at one of the resorts in Philippines in 2005

 Mark with host Nora on right and on far right the Executive producer of "LA Hilights", Sona during taping of Santa Barbara show in 2007.


with the US. Solders in camp Buehering in Kuwait


Mark during a live show with TD Chris Savage and AD Karin Seibold

 Mark inside Sweetwaters truck before a live concert

 I got to go to Korea to shoot Poker for APPA

 Engineering staff at M & M Television, Danny & Jessica, (These are old Pictures)

 Stings concert, I had the best seat in the house

 Roger Waters / Dark side of the moon concert, once again I got the best seat in the house, thanks to Norm Levin

 During Broadcast of LA Marathon

 Rehearsals of 2008 Hero Awards with Karin on left and Chris Savage on right.

                                  This is my office                                                         Nora, Mark & Chris during taping of a travel show in Santa Barbara

 During rehearsals for the 2008 Heroes Awards

 Mark at Herbalife during a workout video shoot

 Krystina & Mark before 2008 WMA

 The real men of WMA, these guy's don't need tripods, Jerry using steady-cam, Jamie & Mike (Big Mac) hand helds.

 Jerry during rehearsals for Ed Alonzo at 2008 WMA

 Paul Ripply behind his Jib at 2008 WMA,  what a joy to work with this guy, not only is he one of the best there is, he is just the nicest guy in the World.


 Peter Wilson, side shots in E.Close Up, Magic, HD, low light ?? not many people could pull it off, he did! Way to Go Pete.

 Ray & Kevin, center money shots, everytime. These guy's deliver, no attitude, no chip on the shoulder, they bring their A game and smile on every show. These are the real A team men.

 Clock wise, Karin my A/D ( The best) my self in center, Chris Savage my TD, Won't do a show without him, John Ross at back console (The reason we are all on this show is this guy)

 An hour before the 2008 WMA, it's all quite in the truck and I still have my smile on, it didn't come off for at least a couple of day's after the show.

 Day before the WMA during the rehearsals with Karin & Chris.

 Guy Jones and Malan McCubbin, absolutly two of the best engineers in the business.

This is what my monitor wall  looks like during a 15 camera shoot. My office inside Denali California.

This is what my monitor wall  looks like during a 15 camera shoot. My office inside Denali California.