Fiji 2005, Beach Comber
Fiji 2004, Savusavu, Hot springs hotel

 Fiji 2005, Beach Comber, Taping Global classrooms for peace                     Fiji 2004, Savusavu, South Pacific World Music Festival  

 Fiji 2004 South Pacific World Music Festival                                               Fiji 2004 South Pacific World Music Festival  

 Fiji 2006, Kuro Sun                                                                                   It's not the size that matters ! Mark & Danny, Oxnard CA. 

 Camp Buhering in Kuwait  city 2007, Taping of Pussy cat dolls                      Camp Buhering in Kuwait  city 2007

 Camp Buhering in Kuwait  city 2007                                                           Armenia 

  Central Park, one of my favorite places for a long walk

 Armenian Genocide monument in Armenia       

 Philippines 2007 Taping of Global Classroom for peace                               Philippines 2007 

 Philippines 2007                                                                                      Philippines 2007

  Philippines 2007                                                                                       Philippines 2007, nice ride on the back of the local police chief truck 

 Korea, 2007 with ESPN                                                                             Korea, 2007 with ESPN

 Downtown Seoul Korea 2007

2007 Korea  with ESPN                                                                        

 Cabo, Baja Mexico                                                                                    With my wife in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

 My favorite place on earth, Catalina island                                               My favorite place on earth, Catalina island 

 Porta Vallarta, Mexico 2008                                                                      Porta Vallarta, Mexico 2008

 Vina Del Mar, Chile 2009 with ESPN                                                      From my balcony at 08:07 pm in Chile, the beach is full, fun loving people. 

 Catalina 2007

 Executive Producer Lori Hall on left, Wendie Malick of "Just shoot me" on right, during South Pacific World music festival in FIJI 2004.

 Kalaupapa Hawaii 2009

  Please don’t let the volcano erupt , big island Hawaii 2009

 Hanauma Bay, Hawaii 2009                                                                            Waikiki at night 2009

 Uruguay, March 2009 with ESPN

The Casina at Mar Del Plata, Argentina April 2009 with ESPN

 Mar Del Plata, Argentina April 2009 with ESPN

  Mar Del Plata, Argentina April 2009 with ESPN


I sure hope you have enjoyed the pictures that I have placed on this site, each one of these pictures are special to me in one way or another and I just wanted to share them with you.



Mark Mardoyan